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Answering Your Questions
We are open to both lodging guests as well as the general public. However, if you're not staying with us, you might be missing out on a little something-something...
We focus on serving upscale Texas Hill Country cuisine and focus on dinner-service only. But if you are in the neighborhood, feel free to bring us lunch, we’re hungry too!
We do accept reservations and are proud to be one of the few Fredericksburg restaurants to do so. Reservations are highly encouraged, but we often accept walk-in guests as well. However, being one of the most popular restaurants in the Hill Country, we will often have a waitlist for a table.
Due to changes in weather we are unable to schedule reservations for outdoor dining. All outdoor tables are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.
We will extend a courtesy hold of fifteen minutes for late arriving guests. After that time, the table will be released to any waiting guests.
We accept reservations as a courtesy for our guests, not because it enhances our operations. We do ask that when making reservations that you either honor the reservation as scheduled, or give us a call to cancel them so that we may offer the tables to other guests. Should a guest fail to cancel a reservation in advance, there is a $25 charge per guest. We are just like an airplane, once the wheels leave the ground, or the night of dining has ended, any empty seats will never produce the revenue we need to keep our staff employed.
Our dining area is on two levels, and an elevator is not available. If you are unable to climb a flight of stairs, please make a notation in the comment section of your reservation.
On most occasions yes, but not always. Do yourself a favor and schedule a reservation for guaranteed seating. It’s the smart thing to do, and you will look like a hero to your spouse when the couple in-front of you gets turned away.
We do have a mixed beverage permit and offer a full range of beer, wine and liquor to choose from after you are seated in the restaurant.
We unfortunately do not have a “seated” bar area. If you choose to arrive prior to your reservation, we do have a limited supply of beer and wine available for purchase in our lobby. But our full beer, wine and cocktail menu is only available once you are seated for your dining reservation.
Sorry, but no. We are a full-service restaurant, and meals are required to be seated. Besides, our food is remarkably yummy...why in the world would you want to pass that up?
Unfortunately, with our mixed beverage permit, it is illegal to bring your own alcohol on the premises, but we do have a full list of “special” bottles to choose from.
Because they do not have a mixed beverage permit.... Check with TABC, we don’t make this up, we just live by the rules.
We do require that you dress....other than that it is up to you. You know the ole adage, no shirt no shoes no service. Our suggestion is always “smart casual”.
Nope. We understand they are cute and cuddly, and we like to cuddle ours too. But for the sake of keeping it a romantic atmosphere, it would be best to leave the pooch at home.
We can usually accommodate groups on weekdays with advance notice, but we do not take any parties larger than six on weekends regardless if they are at one table or split (trust us, we know when you are trying to fool us, just read all our 1 star yelp reviews!) The simple reason is, we want to keep a romantic atmosphere and groups counteract that ambience. For the long explanation (click here, its worth the read!)
Nope, no, nada.....Once upon a time when we operated country clubs and hotels that was our thing, no mas! We suggest you contact the Fredericksburg Visitor Center for a list of appropriate venues. 830-997-6523
We do have an online ordering platform for ordering food for carry out. Presently, we do not offer food delivery, but if you are offering, we bet we can steer a few delivery orders your way!